Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The 150 Day Challenge, Day 27, Psalm 27

By Belinda And Kim

Friends, todays psalm be a wunnerful one! This be one of mine and Mommys favorites, especially whenever we starts to feels anxious or worried bouts somethin. David be the writer of this psalm and we sees hims confidence in the Lord no matter what comes against him. David haves learned from experience that him cans trust God. We knows the word of God be true, and that Him encourages us to trust Him, but until we haves walked thru the fire we hasnt experienced the truth of Hims word. Many of you knows exactly what I means. Before difficult times ever camed on you, you probly believed the word of God weres true, but it hadnts beens tested. But now you haves actually experienced Hims trustworthiness and you cans say along wif David, "The Lord is my light and my salvation---whom shall I fear?"

Many hundreds of years later the Apostle Paul saids a similar thing bouts the Lord in Romans 8:31, "What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?" Paul weres anudder man who, like David, hads walked thru fiery trials but hads finded the Lord faithful.

These two men camed from very different circumstances and hads very different lives but they served the same Lord. David weres a young man tendin the sheep when Samuel camed along and anointed him the future King of Israel. David weres so humble him wented back to tendin the sheep til him getted called to play music for King Saul. For a while there it looked like him weres gonna inherit the throne someday after him married Sauls daughter and weres so mighty in battle. But jealousy entered Sauls heart and him persecuted David for bouts 15 years. Yet durin all that time David weres kept safe by the Lord, cause the Lord weres for him. Eventually the Lord putted King Saul outta the picture and putted David on the throne just like Him promised. Though David failed miserably in several ways in hims personal life, we sees him repentin and comin back to God, though him hads more tryin times to endure. Hims little baby wif Bathsheba died, some of hims own children turned against him, one of em trieds to take the kingdom away from him, and him still hads many actual military battles to fight. But til the end of hims life I believes David hads a heart for God and him ended up dyin peacefully in bed at the age of 70. I really haves no doubt that hims final thoughts in life weres bouts God, and what God hads done for him.

The Apostle Paul weres born into an upper class family and studied under one the bestest tutors. Him weres part of the very elite sect of the Pharisees and him says him weres movin up in the ranks, even faster than most men hims age. Paul thoughted him weres doin great things for the Lord when him persecuted the Christians and it weres also helpin him move farther up the ladder. Him weres fairly self-righteous and thought hims observance of the Mosaic law and hims zealous persecution of Christians woulds gain him high favor wif the Lord. But then one day him camed face to face wif the livin Christ Jesus on the road to Damascus and him weres humbled and overwhelmed. Yet, in spite of all the Apostle Paul hads done against the Lords people, God weres for givin him a better future and usin him in the kingdom of God. So for the rest of hims life we sees the Apostle Paul givin up everything from hims former life to serve the livin Lord. Him trusted that no matter what camed against him, God weres for him. Ancient tradition tells us that the Apostle Paul ended up bein martyred for the gospel but, just like David, I feels certain hims final thoughts weres bouts the Lord and bouts how faithful the Lord hads been.

Most of us will never hafta face bein on the run 15 years from a vengeful king, and most of us will never be called to gives up ours lives for the gospel. But we does come face to face wif what often seems like unbearable troubles in this life. If we doesnt face em wif the attitude of a King David or an Apostle Paul ours troubles mite leads us to believe that God doesnt be for us. But sweet friends, Him is for us! A God who didnts withold Hims own precious Son from us hasta be for us! If ever we haves moments of doubt all we hasta do be look at the cross, and look at ours Savior, and look at what Him dids for us! Who cans come against the children of a God like that? Even when we walks thru the fire, and even if we loses ours life, God be wif us all the way. Hims grace gonna be sufficient. Hims gonna hold ours hands. Hims gonna provide exactly what we needs every step of the way. I knows many of my readers haves faced terrible things in life, but werent God faithful? If yous still breathin, Hims bein faithful, even tho the journey may be painful rite now. Him still haves plans for yours future. As King Solomon said in Proverbs 23:18, "There is surely a future hope for you, and your hope will not be cut off." And we sees also the Lord promisin in Jeremiah 29:11, "For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." We cants judge tomorrow by how we feels today. We mustnt believe the lie that things will never gets better. We cants judge God by how dark the road looks rite now. Him haves plans for ours future.

Hold onto that hope. Hold onto the promise of Gods faithfulness. The future mite look scary rite now from ours mortal standpoint, but if we coulds only see how God be gonna work things out I thinks we coulds find a reason to smile today. Just keep on puttin one foot in front of the other, keep yours eyes on Jesus, and Him will leads you into better and brighter days. Him is for you.

Psalm 27

The Lord lights my way and saves me---
Why should I fear anyone?
The Lord is the One who protects my life---
Why should I be afraid?
When wicked ones come against me
To do me harm,
They are the ones who
Will come to harm.
Even if an army comes against me,
I won't be afraid;
Even if war breaks out all around me,
My trust will be in the Lord.
I only want one thing of God,
This is all that I care about;
That I can dwell in His house
Every day of my life,
That I can enjoy His beauty
And kneel before Him in His temple.
When days of trouble come
He will Hide me under His wings;
He will protect me from the wicked ones
And lift me up above the enemy.
Then I will rule over
Those who tried to hurt me;
I will shout for joy in victory;
I will sing and praise the Lord.
Hear my prayer, Lord;
Have mercy on me and answer me.
My heart tells me to seek You
And that is what I will do.
Don't ever close Your eyes,
Or turn from me in anger;
You are the One who helps me.
Do not leave me or forsake me,
For You are my Savior.
Even if my own parents reject me,
The Lord will be my Father.
Teach me to do Your will, Lord;
Lead me in the right direction
Because my enemies would love to see me fall.
Please don't let my enemy have the victory,
Because they do nothing but lie,
And they accuse me of things I didn't do.
My confidence is in this:
The Lord will give me good things in the future
And will bless me in this life.
Wait for the Lord;
Be strong and brave
And wait for the Lord.